Postnatal depression – a natural remedy which is non-addictive

Postnatal depression is more common than you may think. The torturous effect of lack of sleep and constant vigilance for a helpless little bundle that suddenly overnight becomes our responsibility is enough to push any one to their limit. There is no training for parenthood. There is no shadowing of the role. There is no gradual easing in to it, lengthening our hours on the job. We don’t do it part time, then build up to it full time as our training and expertise kicks in. Its full on and overnight. No wonder that exhaustion, natural biological hormonal shifts and a curtailing of personal freedom leaves some of us with low mood, irritability, a tendency to cry easily and a lack of energy and enthusiasm to do anything or feel interest in looking after ourselves.

We know that a good diet, and exercise is imperative. Help must be grabbed with both hands. Giving your partner a break away for a couple of hours to reconnect with their own space is vital and so important to work out between you for those lucky enough to have a co-parent. In spite of this when someone is suffering with postnatal depression more is usually needed to lift it. If you are feeling overwhelmed and are looking for a natural way to get back to being able to enjoy the moment, then try Homeopathy. (Safe for breastfeeding mothers and their babies too). Read Carol’s story