Anxiety, Low Energy and Fractured Pelvis
Dianne helps me when I am feeling under pressure. I get immediate relief from aches, pains, anxiety, low energy and when I fractured my pelvis she aided my recovery. I don’t need medications or antibiotics to do the job. I just call Dianne. She is excellent in her work and approach to being healthy. She is always ready to help when needed.”

Sore Throat, Tickly Cough, Tiredness and Aches
From someone who’s a nurse.  Day 1 “severe throat…can’t even swallow fluids”. Day 2 “Hi dianne sore throat is completely gone after completion of the remedy but still feel very tired and achy. I am sneezing now and got dry tickly cough-frequency is once every hourly”. Day 3 “Hi dianne i am better now shall i discontinue the remedy now?”  Dianne says “Yes stop the remedy now. Wonderful you feel better!”.  September 2020


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Article from the farm on using Homeopathy for animals suffering with rotavirus, mastitis, grief etc