Arthritic dog chases cat!

Our dog Peppy started limping with obvious discomfort when she was 10.  Our Vet Emily McAteer who also practices Homeopathy, diagnosed arthritis in the knee and prescribed a short course of the Homeopathic Medicine Ruta.  After a few days of it, she stopped limping, was out of pain and able to get back to the serious business of having fun!  She still has arthritis but a repeat of Ruta every now and then as prescribed, kept her symptom free.   At age 12 she got a really bad limp in her other leg and could only do a 10 minute walk.  After two weeks of Ruta there was no change.  Emily did a full assessment and prescribed two different remedies,  a change in diet and a natural joint supplement.  Four weeks later Peppy is back to normal and bounding around.  Its wonderful to have a natural effective treatment which will support an older dog, to live a full and happy life.  Here she is aged 12, playing with her friend Izzy! 

Emily McAteer, Vet, Portmarnock Vet Clinic uses Homeopathy –  physical and emotional conditions of small animals

Michael Clancy, Vet, Kilkenny uses Homeopathy –

Tom Farrington, Vet, Cork uses Homeopathy –  physical and emotional conditions of horses, farm animals and small animals

Article from the farm on using Homeopathy for animals suffering with rotavirus, mastitis, grief etc

Please note: Only Vets or their owners are allowed to treat animals by law.