Alternative to Antibiotics for Baby, Children and Everyone

I’m a mother of two children. My kids are college age now and have never had an antibiotic or steroid when they got sick. It’s not they haven’t ever been ill. Between them they’ve had the wet phlegmy coughs, the throat infections, the ears, a urinary tract infection or two, conjunctivitis, dry barking coughs, an infected insect bite, couple of broken bones (one is very sporty) and eczema but we have only used Homeopathic medicines (and a couple of casts) to clear it.

parents and child

Homeopathy is a person centered form of medicine using remedies prepared from natural substances by specialist Homeopathic Pharmacies.  They are gentle, natural, non-toxic, non-addictive, not tested on animals and effective.  They are safe for use by everyone including new born babies, pregnant and breastfeeding women.  If you are sick of being sick and looking for an effective alternative to antibiotics, antihistamines and topical steroids, text me on 085 1595527 to book a free 10 minute phone or Skype consultation to discuss Homeopathy and you.

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Throat Infections

There are a few different remedies Homeopaths prescribe for sore throats. Common ones are:

Merc Sol
Spots/ulcers on the tonsils, increased saliva and smelly breath. Pain may extend to the ear on swallowing.

Very red, painful, feels raw, sore throat.

Enlarged tonsils. Swollen glands.

Hepar Sulph
Spots/ulcers on the tonsils. Person is irritable. Pain may extend to the ears on swallowing.

sore throat

For a self prescribing sore throat – take 1 pill (of 30c) every 30 minutes for 4 doses. Then every 2 hours for another 2 doses. If there is no improvement at all after 12 – 24 hours in a sore throat, it is not the right remedy and a new remedy which matches the symptoms better should be chosen. If there are signs of improvement continue taking between 3 and 6 pills a day until the symptoms are much improved and then stop.  Generally as the symptoms lessen reduce the number of times you take the remedy.  Don’t take a remedy for more than 5 days without advice from a Homeopath or healthcare practitioner.

While the above self-limiting, acute complaint is suitable for home treatment, see your healthcare provider if symptoms worsen or fail to improve. Chronic or persistent complaints, require a different treatment and dosage strategy so is best managed by a Registered Homeopath for good results.