All Diseases Begin In The Gut – Hippocrates (c.460 – c. 370 BC)

Gut Health
Gut Health

Our gut bacteria and an absence of it or a lack of gut bacterial diversity affects mood and social behaviour. Healthy gut microbiota in early life is essential for normal neurodevelopment. These startling findings were made by Irish Scientists Ted Dinan and John Cryan, principal investigators at APC Microbiome Ireland in University College Cork. They have found “good” bacteria can secrete neurotransmitters so powerful that they rival the effects of Prozac, while “bad” bacteria can make substances that increase anxiety and depression and can influence behaviour in young and old. Candida, IBS, Eczema and Rheumatoid Arthritis are some conditions that are also linked to the health of the gut flora.

In my remedy programme I will often include a Homeopathic remedy which targets the gut in addition to the remedy that suits the overall picture.

Alternative to Antibiotics for Baby, Children and Everyone

I’m a mother of two children. My kids are college age now and have never had an antibiotic or steroid when they got sick. It’s not they haven’t ever been ill. Between them they’ve had the wet phlegmy coughs, the throat infections, the ears, a urinary tract infection or two, conjunctivitis, dry barking coughs, an infected insect bite, couple of broken bones (one is very sporty) and eczema but we have only used Homeopathic medicines (and a couple of casts) to clear it.

parents and child

Homeopathy is a person centered form of medicine using remedies prepared from natural substances by specialist Homeopathic Pharmacies.  They are gentle, natural, non-toxic, non-addictive, not tested on animals and effective.  They are safe for use by everyone including new born babies, pregnant and breastfeeding women.  If you are sick of being sick and looking for an effective alternative to antibiotics, antihistamines and topical steroids, text me on 085 1595527 to book a free 10 minute phone or Skype consultation to discuss Homeopathy and you.

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